How Batterful Works

Common FAQs

What do I get in the delivery?

In a standard baking kit, we provide you with the pre-portioned ingredients required for your recipe, original recipe instructional cards to aid you through the baking process, and online video guides to see first-hand how certain techniques are done.

Why choose Batterful?

Our baking kits are specially curated with inventive recipes that we work with chefs to create. On top of that, we source a healthier selection of ingredients that has higher quality and our carefully designed recipe cards provides tips and tricks to ensure you can bake out a tasty treat easily!

How much does Batterful cost?

Our recipes start from $18 and they are designed for between 8 to 16 servings. Delivery is a flat-rate at $4.90 and we offer FREE shipping for orders above $40.

Do i need to provide my own ingredients

Currently, we will require customers to provide their own Eggs and Salt should the recipe calls for it. The main reason behind this is to help Batterful maintain a sustainable model to continue provide affordable and quality baking kits for you. Rest assured the rest of the ingredients will be provided exactly for you with no hassle.

I’m a beginner at baking. Is this suitable for me?

Definitely! We have carefully designed our recipe menu with easy to follow steps to assist you in the baking process. Not to mention, the ingredients have been measured to the exact proportions of what you require and you can save the hassle and mess of doing it. We also tailor our recipes on different difficulty scales so you can select the one that best fit your needs. So sign up with us now and have fun baking unique recipes!

I’m interested! How do i start now?

Simply head over to our Store and purchase the baking kits you intend to try! We will work our measuring cups and spoons to get your very own baking kit delivered to you within 3-4 working days!

We can’t wait to bake with you!

Begin your baking journey today with Batterful