Frequently Asked Questions

General (5)

Batterful started out of the need for a better way to bake. Being bakers ourselves, we understand the lack of time, the nightmare of a messy kitchen and also the constant failure of sub-par recipes we find online. By providing you with pre-portioned ingredients, delivered straight to your doorstep and guiding you with easy to follow recipe steps, our goal is to eliminate the factors which make baking a hassle. We want to help you create something you will surely be proud of and enjoy baking (and eating) together with your family and friends.

We have 10 items on the menu currently and this number will be constantly updated as we work with our chefs to create more recipes. Aside from this fixed menu, we plan to have seasonal selections which come and go, or possibly stay if the demand for them are high. We have a variety of types of desserts which include, cakes, mini-cakes, brownies, cookies and chiffon cakes.

You are most definitely welcome to suggest a recipe you would like to see appear on the menu so feel free to contact us via email at

Your box will arrive with all of the specialty ingredients you need to create the recipes you’ve chosen. Your ingredients will arrive individually packaged and pre-portioned for easier baking. We also send you a carefully designed recipe card with step-by-step instructions, so you can easily recreate our chef’s recipes at home. If you like to watch videos, we have also included online videos for each recipe created just for you.

As you might have guessed, we don’t send you the ovens and trays you’ll need to bake at home, along with those fancy plates you might want to show off your final pastry. You can view any ingredient you’ll need to create your Batterful recipes directly on the recipe card.

Currently we will be providing selected molds, muffin and tart cups for our recipes. Additionally, we are looking to provide bonus useful baking tools in the future as part of our subscription. As you might have guessed, we don’t send you the ovens and trays you’ll need to bake at home, along with those fancy plates you might want to show off your final pastry.

For recipes with frosting, it is recommended that the contents of the box be used within 1 month of purchase. All frosting should be kept in a refrigerator immediately upon receiving.

For recipes without frosting, it is recommended that the contents of the box be used within 2 months of purchase.

Baking (5)

Most definitely! We have carefully designed our recipe menu with easy to follow steps to assist you in the baking process. Not to mention, the ingredients have been measured to the exact portions of what you require and you can save the hassle of doing it yourself. We also tailor our recipes on different difficulty scales so you can select the one that best fit your needs. Get your baking going!

Batterful ensures you receive the best ingredients for baking. We source healthier and quality ingredients to make your bakes even tastier and suitable for all ages. Not to mention, we pre-portion them for you so you could bake easily without faster clean up and reduce on food wastage!

Currently, Batterful does not provide salt, eggs and fruits in the baking kits.

  • To allow the baking kits to be shelf-stable, eggs and fruits are taken out of the baking kits as we believe it is better if you could procure them whenever you want to bake. This is to ensure freshness and the quality of the bakes when you use our baking kits.
  • To help converse the environment and keep Batterful as a sustainable model, we do not ship out common salt that is required in small amounts.

Learn more about the ingredients we use here.

We are not a certified Halal company but all the ingredients we procure do not contain alcohol, pork or lard.

As our recipe is designed and tested with the bakewares we mentioned, using other bakeware sizes will affect the baking timing and alteration in certain steps. As a rule of thumb, use the same baking temperature but reduce the time by :

1) One-Quarter if you are baking 8-inch cakes in 6-inch pans

2) One-Third to One-Half if you are baking cakes into cupcake/tart cases

We provide video guides for all our recipes. These guides are made to help you with tricky techniques or if you want to be sure your batter should look the way it is.

Delivery (3)

Our delivery courier company will contact you before they deliver. If no one is able to receive, they will arrange a convenient location for the drop-off. However, if they are unable to contact you and no one was available to receive, we offer free re-delivery up to 1 time. If this re-delivery fails, we will arrange another delivery with a separate, individual arrangement.

We use a dedicated delivery courier company to get your Batterful box to you as quickly as possible.

Your Batterful box will arrive at your doorstep safe and sound within 3-4 working days. We want to get your box to you as soon as we humanly can.